Your life-changing 4-month online seminar

Finding your essence and living your vocation

How you can unlock your high vibrating energy in 12 weeks and You can solve blockades of success, relationships and happiness.

Perhaps you know the deep desire within you to discover your true essence.
The desire to constantly draw from this source of power that is always available to you.

You may wish to have access to your magnetic rays,
with which you can attract success, a fulfilling partnership and your goals.

Does the quiet or loud desire accompany you, your vocation
to recognize and thus finally fulfill your soul gifts for
to use you and others? To fulfill that, why you as a soul
you came here?


Do you think it is REALLY possible to achieve this goal?

If so, let’s get started.

But maybe you still doubt it. Have already tried several times
but never made the breakthrough.

It may be that you already know people,
who have walked this path and lived it, but you think that this
is unattainable for you.

The HERE is the GOOD NEWS: It is just as reachable for you,
as you would anybody else. The decisive factors are often
the right mindset (“inner attitude”) and tried and tested methods.
And, of course, that you implement the methods you get,
and thereby manifest!

About me

I felt very early in my life that
I have to live my calling! Which does not mean that
it’s always easy for me or I’m “done”.

By my own experiences and by the company of many
of different people and ways, I have comprehensive insights
into the topic of vocation and its practical implementation.

It gives me an unspeakable amount of joy to see people on their way to the
to accompany your heart’s mission. So that they can let their light shine,
to create a life of abundance on all levels.

I can offer you this support in the accompaniment.
Through my clairvoyance I can see your essence very clearly!
Also what it takes to live it and what blockages prevent you from doing it!

Und sind wir uns mal ehrlich. Ohne die Verbindung zu unserer Essenz ist das Leben doch farblos und seelenlos.

Also lass uns gemeinsam mehr Farbe, Leben, Liebe und Sinn ins Lebens bringen.

Daniel Atreyu Schamane Berlin

This online seminar is for you, if you:

K1024_Soultracking 1
Bild: Elisabeth Engelstädter

This awaits you in the 4-month online seminar:

1st appointment: karma solution & body cleansing process

feel the IMPORTANCE of being FREE from old loads!

From the shamanic tradition we know how fundamental
karmic experiences and entanglements of our areas of life can block. Karma resolution is a powerful ritual,
to heal these unresolved blockages and emotions.

Second appointment: Finding peace with the past

thankability and love are the healing of the past
and open a fulfilled future!

As long as we hang on to old experiences, guilt reproaches and bad conscience, the past takes up a lot of space in our mind, in our emotions and in our energetic potential. It is often instantly noticeable how much energy is released when peace returns.

3.appointment: connection with the essence and recognition of the gifts in it

recognize YOUR very own ESSENCE and connect to it!

(incl. 30 min personal essence coaching with Daniel Atreyu)

Here you will get a meditation, which will enable you to always
to reconnect with your soul essence on your own.
You can then, if you wish, guide this methodology for others as well.

We also practice that!

4. Termin: Absichtszweck & Lösen von Blockaden

FIND what you REALLY want and SOLVE BLOCKS that will make you manifest hinder your goals in the areas of success, partnership, strength and health The energetic healing method of “Karmarades” helps you to avoid blockages in certain to dissolve areas of life such as success, abundance, partnership and sexuality. In this way energy will flow there again, which will bring you to your very own and beautiful power. you can get back to me. Through this healing process, joy and lightness get back to where they belong – in YOUR LIFE!

5th and 6th appointment: The implementation of the mission of the soul into life

Unpack THE GIFTS and face the CHALLENGES!

Each of us has a different mission, and with it different
Spheres of action. In these dates we look at, what it is for you personally exactly
can mean living your soul calling.

Due to the individual approach, I can say to this point here
do not provide more detailed information in advance, except:

What you have
practically in your hand after these 12 weeks:

K1024_Herzensmission Leben - Berufung

When: every two weeks on Thursday evening from 19-21.30 (3 weeks as a longer break over Christmas and New Year)

Start: Thursday, November 7, 2019 19:00

Where: via Zoom (online conference room) – link follows on registration

How: regular online live meetings via zoom MP3s, healing music, practical instructions for internalizing between meetings

Costs: EUR 888,- (as complete price, or payable in 4 or 8 installments)


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