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"My wings are gently blowing through the wind, innocent and sweet like the voice of your inner child, I've gone through a transformation, I've rested in silence for a long time, I wanted to listen to my inner soul voice, now I've awakened, I'm stretching and stretching, spreading - it's time you saw the new possibilities, leave your snail shell! Because freedom can only be found where the walls of isolation disappear. You are so big in yourself, start to see it, then you can leave the colorful pattern of your love in life and your worries will blow like sand in the wind. Show yourself as you are, so great that you hardly measure it yourself.

Take me as your friend and you will have reason to rejoice, flourish and live your life anew every day; if I come to you, take it as a blessing - I will lead you on the paths of light".

We all know the metamorphosis of the butterfly that was once a caterpillar. Besides the saying of the lemon butterfly that does not fold lemons, many also know the peacock eye. Whether you know the names fence lily butterfly, harechel blue and high alpine pollo is again much more individual.  There are about 200,000 species of these almost weightless butterflies worldwide. Wherever flowers grow there are usually butterflies to be seen. This power animal begins its life in an egg from which a caterpillar hatches. The caterpillar is mainly busy with vegetarian food until it has reached a certain stage of abundance. When the caterpillar is fully grown, it surrounds itself with a cocoon after the last moult, and finally hatches as an imago (the sexually mature insect). For example, silk is produced from the cocoon of the silkworm, which is the only way to obtain silk so far. Butterflies shimmer in the most beautiful colours, yellow, red, purple, orange, black, white, patterned. But their lives sometimes last only a few days. The peacock moth, for example, no longer eats any food as a butterfly and starves to death after it has reproduced, if it is lucky. All other species live after the pupation only from liquid food like nectar, leaking resin or juice of fruits.

From the beginning this power-animal has it difficult through the many food-enemies. Spiders, toads, frogs and ants like the eggs. Birds, ichneumon wasps and caterpillar flies like the caterpillar. Bacteria, viruses and fungi, birds, mice and lizards like cocoons and butterflies. Over the course of time, evolution has developed various tactics for defence: Mimicry is the imitation of other animals such as wasps; mimicry is the camouflage e.g. by imitating the shape of leaves or eye spots - eyes on the wings that resemble mammals. Sometimes a disgusting scent is also sprayed, which makes the attacker flee. Even if escape is often no longer possible, the reproductive rate is so high that the conservation of the species is maintained. Butterflies also communicate with each other via fragrances. So males and females can smell each other for miles and meet for mating.

Like bees, butterflies are an essential link in the food chain as they pollinate the flowers. Pesticides are therefore not very popular with them either.

Smetana, Sahnevogel is the name of the butterfly in Czech, from where the German formulation originates. His preference for cream and cream is also evident in the English "Butterfly". In ancient Greek, the word psyche not only stands for the soul, but is also an expression for the butterfly. Thus the nymph "psyche" is often represented with butterflies or their wings. Therefore the butterfly is associated with the development of the soul and the creation of life and death. So this power animal is also a symbol for rebirth and immortality. With the Indians, the butterfly symbolizes the spirit of a deceased person, who should remind everyone that death is not the end, but the beginning of a new life. The butterfly is also seen as a healer. He once came to the people and woven the rainbow into the air. If a woman's shoulder is touched by him, she receives the message to become a medicine woman.

In Japan it is seen individually rather a symbol for discontinuity. As a couple, however, he stands for a fulfilled and happy marriage. A white butterfly symbolizes the pure and liberated spirit of a deceased person.

In fables and stories, the butterfly lures the hero with his colorful wings into the forest, where he then begins to follow the path of initiation. In the medicine wheel he stands for the element air and the way of self-mastery. Whoever wears his amulet receives an opening for the subtle, the joy of change and the tenderness of his being.

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