Power animal deer

Krafttier Reh

"Look into my eyes and know yourself! - I am the inner child that speaks of you.
Pure and impartial I stand before you, selfless and far from any greed.
Unconditionally I give without demanding,
the goodness of my heart corresponds to the supreme cosmic order.
I have taken a long heart training,
before I came to earth as a deer.
I am pure love, recognize it in you!
I am the YOU, you are the ME and together are WE!

Nothing is separated from you, you are everything - connect with me, so that you may recognize.
Gently I come towards you, giving you security, enveloping you with courage.
For a gentle heart is touchable and strong,
only you need courage to bring it into the world.

I purify you, purify your being - with me you will find your way into eternity. 
To realize that only love endures forever and everything else in time passes away."

The deer belongs to the deer family and is the most common wild animal living in Germany. Its delicate, almost slender figure, its large eyes and slender legs make it appear almost fragile. It is at home in many parts of Europe and Asia Minor. Where this power animal lives in undergrowth-rich forests, along forest edges, wooded meadows and fields. The small packs are quite loyal to their place. However, as soon as the food supply decreases or threats increase, they move to safer areas. In the winter, they protect themselves by uniting with several herds. Even if the shy animal prefers to be active in the morning and evening, it also uses the day for itself. Should they warn others, get frightened or even be in mortal fear, they make barking noises. During the mating season in September, however, they make squeaky sounds. In May 2-4 fawns can be observed, which are camouflaged by their spotted fur and are also odorless. So they make it e.g. wild pigs, foxes, bears or wolves really hard. When danger from the environment threatens, deer defend themselves first by fleeing and only then by powerful hoofbeats. This even frightens off eagles.

Rhyanna, the Celtic patron saint of hunting, leads people out of the forest again in the form of the deer, who have lost their way or disturb the peace of the animals. Goddesses and gods of the forest are usually represented as deer. The Celts regarded it as an animal of tenderness, the childlike and virginal aspect of the triune goddess. It is often compared to a young girl, tender and beautiful woman or a young man. Through its large, trusting, innocent, pure eyes it is associated with the fairy kingdom. But also with the dream path, the realm of light-filled dreams and miracles. It is led, from other worlds.

If shamans want to receive dreams and visions, to interpret them or even walk through them, they wear a deerskin. Whoever wears a deer amulet receives pure love of the heart and a perception of subtle energies.

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