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"Great of the land, I am a bird animal. Once I was called to fly, but these times are long gone - now I am bringing deep lying grateful earth power, but never have I lost contact with the Great Spirit, was chosen as ambassador between the worlds.A heart like a mountain, as fast as the wind, as fast as the wind, as effervescent as lava, because there are so many energies in me, I will help you to collect and to focus, because I am washed with almost all waters, I will help you on your way fast, trust me, in my presence you do not have to hurry.

The concentrated power that I carry in me presses you with full force into the moment, so that every spark of control is suffocated in the fullness.Animalic like heavenly powers I awaken in you, connect them so that the harmony gives birth.Teach you prudence and the clear, wide view,rather rely on you than on others,get your presence back to you.

Here is your home, I invite you to be here with me. once you have arrived, you don't like to go out anymore, then the search becomes less, the feeling of life noticeably fine. I have come to pick you up where you stand, so that from now on you never go your way alone again. I am with you all the time, get ready for a faithful companion!".

The largest bird in the world cannot fly because of its weight, but it can run up to 70km/h fast. It does that, too. If danger threatens, it runs away and does not stick its head in the sand, as is often claimed. So the ostrich can also escape predators and humans or defend itself with its strong, respecting kicks. The neck is long and thin, similar to a swan, its sharp eyes are large and framed with long eyelashes. So this power-animal can observe its surroundings in peace, while it lingers in the high steppe-grass. With a maximum size of 2.7m, ostriches overlook the entire landscape.

This way, predators hardly have a chance. Therefore, it is important that the ostrich prefers to stay in savannah areas, because too high grass would represent a risk. The African ostrich is the last living species of the ostrich family and is one of the animals threatened with extinction. Its relatives are the emu in Australia, the nanda in South America, the kiwi in New Zealand and the cassowary in New Guinea. Therefore, this power-animal is to be found exclusively on the southern hemisphere. Ostriches live in small groups and sometimes join herds of antelopes or zebras. Despite the heat, this bird has no sweat glands, but pants to balance its temperature. The preferred vegetarian also adds insects or worms to his menu, as well as small stones to digest the food more easily. Drunk we rather rarely. It usually absorbs the necessary liquid through its food. A large bird also lays large eggs. An ostrich egg weighs up to 2 kg (equivalent to about 25 hen eggs). Brood and Aufzucht of the boys is taken over by the parents together.

Once it was believed that the ostrich had magical abilities and hatched its eggs over stares. In reality, however, the eggs are hatched by the heat of the sun. The ostrich is highly regarded by many indigenous peoples in Australia and Africa, as it provides feathers as well as meat and eggs. The Egyptian goddess Maat, who stands for justice and truth, was assigned to the ostrich and usually wears ostrich feathers on her head. She guards the earthly and cosmic order and thus maintains the natural balance.

In Australian mythology, legend has it that the emu is the mother and creator of all people. So he enjoys great prestige, is depicted with the kangaroo on coats of arms and is unofficial national bird of Australia.

This power animal is also seen as a symbol for meditation and inventiveness and is assigned to the elements air and earth. However, it also encourages people to show unusual and creative behaviour in order to protect life and remain active.

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