Power animal Tiger

Krafttier Tiger

"I am a fighter, calm and strong because I may change the world, I do not want to carry injustice, my voice is loud to tell the truth. I stand for my vision, but I will not bite on it. I also see the truth of the one who stands beside me, knows about the brotherhood and that no one goes the way alone. Tolerance is given to me by the great Spirit, so I connect the wisdom of all lives.

A wise teacher is slumbering in you, for your wide gaze is on the trail of the great mystery. If you are always anxious to be at peace with everything, the inner greatness comes in! peace does not mean to shy away from conflict - say what you think, tolerate the opinion of the other - that is the new!

Give yourself the love that you hope for in the world, give yourself time alone, for the wise man often rests, for only in you can you find the truth, within, where the veils of illusion disappear".

It is the largest and heaviest living cat species in the world. Its coat is reddish with black vertical stripes. His belly is white and his eyes piercing. He lives exclusively in Asian mangrove, bamboo, rain and coniferous forests. The tiger has no natural enemies except humans, who hunt it because of its fur and its organs, which are considered as remedies. So he stands as a top predator at the end of the food chain and yet he is threatened with extinction. From once nine subspecies as for example Bengaltiger, Siberian tiger, Malay - and Indochinesischer tiger live only six. In numbers this means that of about 100,000 animals, about 3000 still live in the wild and about 10,000 in captivity such as zoos and private households.

This power animal needs 5- 8 kg meat daily, whereby e.g. deer, musk animals, pigs, cattle, tanuki and rather rarely also humans stand on the menu. The day and night active animal has excellent sense organs, which it uses to sneak up on its prey from behind and kill with a targeted neck bite. Only pursuit-hunts don't like tigers since their body isn't designed for the high energy-consumption. Tigers have, not like the other cat kinds, no fear of water. So they cross also times bigger rivers on the search for food. 

In many Asian cultures, the tiger is considered the king of the animals and is also highly revered as this through its strength, ferocity and energy. Hu Quan is the Chinese fighting style of the tiger, which is characterized by the power of straightforwardness, since with the hand on the most sensitive places of the body, such as face, throat and genitals is targeted. Thus the body is trained to its strength and the spirit to a strong will. In China, this power animal is also regarded as the guardian of the hunt, protecting the dead on their journey to the afterlife.

In Buddhism he is regarded as a wise leader, lightbringer and "helper in need", who smoothes his way through thickets and the dark jungle (of life) to find out again.

The Hindu protection and victory goddess Durga rides on a tiger as she protects souls and defends life while defeating the enemies of the Devas (guardian spirits). As a shaman animal, he is called upon for power, imposing appearance, vigilance, and also for anger, either to rein in anger or to activate it when necessary. He dominates the fire, as fire breathing in yoga shows, and thus brings energies under "control". The Tiger Amulet not only brings invincibility, but also a powerful passion for the new and higher. The self-healing powers are also activated on all levels. Thus ideas and plans can be implemented promptly without great challenges.

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