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"I have been known for my wisdom since time immemorial, I am one of the oldest animals on water and land. At the beginning of the world, where nothing was yet, even the gods' thoughts were still unclear. They did not know where to begin, how to escape from this original state of chaos. They asked for help, on whose call I came, to take the construction of the worlds under my wing.

I brought the cosmic order into it and the overview back with a clear step, completely in confidence and slowly but surely. bandage place after place, comfortably with the perfection of being, don't get involved in too hasty movements.

From the beginning of creation to the end of all days, those who find silence in me, who get caught in the course of life, fear for their safety and position, will find it in me. Fear arises from the restlessness of the core,

I drive out these unclear thoughts from you!I carry within me the deepest knowledge of the earth, to redeem the shadows I help you! for as a man you have come, you have undertaken a great journey to carry darkness into the light, but be sure that you are not alone!Sometimes you have to take steps into the unknown, but there will be eternal salvation!

I teach you to trust, for everything here was created for your development will. to teach you unconditional love, the laying down of all weapons. eternal and true refuge you find only in the totality of being, everything else are only helpful illusions and not really your home.

I carry so much love for you, I can hardly tell you with words, take it and let it flow to the whole world. Together we work on a healed world - the "golden days", where the waves of love sound from all hearts. But until it is time, I am old wise, lover and healer at the same time, bringing you to earth, the healed kingdom of heaven!

This animal, known for its wisdom, has lived on earth for at least 200 million years and thus also knew the dinosaurs. Even if it is rather rare, this power animal can reach an age of 200 years and more. The reptile is to be found except in the polar regions on all continents, finally it adapted itself with the time to any climatic zones. They belong to the most peaceful armoured reptiles. There are about 250 different species of turtles, 180 of which are water turtles, 7 sea turtles and the rest live on land. The bone back and breastplate protects them from enemies and at the same time is their retreat, only a crocodile could crack the shell. But it is a long way to the protected tank. Freshly hatched turtles have a number of predators, birds of prey, crows, martens, wild boars, predators. Only one in 100 turtles reaches adulthood, and the shell automatically grows with them.

The eyes and nose of this power animal are very well developed, therefore they are good observers, have a spatial sense of orientation and recognize dangers faster than one thinks. They do not have teeth, but their strong jaw strips serve as chewing and cutting tools. With it, they can snap rather hard and also bite through bones like the snapping turtle. However, most types are herbivores. Compared to the sea turtle, which has four fins, land turtles have four "feet".  As a rule, they grow to between 10 and 30 cm, but sea and Galapagos turtles can reach over a metre in size.

However, the rather sluggish looking animal develops a certain dynamism in groups. As a species that is warm and changeable, turtles are dependent on the sun. Like all reptiles, turtles lay eggs and return to the place where they hatched. However, as they often die prematurely from plastic waste, they are threatened with extinction.

In many cultures we find the turtles as a firm component in myths and stories. Let us recall, for example, the well-known novel Momo and the wise turtle Kassiopeia, the helper of Master Hora, the administrator of time. In Hinduism it is told that the turtle Chukwa carries an elephant on its back and this in turn carries the world on its back. In his second incarnation, the god Vishnu was the turtle Khurma, who rose from the primeval oceans and formed the world mountain Meru with her shell. Around this mountain the continents built up, so the world was created according to Hindu view the world.

In China, the power animal turtle stands for wisdom, as it has existed since the beginning of the world. In Japan it symbolizes indestructibility which is synonymous with immortality. It stands for Ying and Yang, passively earthy and actively flowing with the water.  The signs of her shield are also interpreted as the Holy Scripture, star chart or oracle. For her shield symbolizes the sky, her belly armour the abyss and her body the earth.

In Christianity it is regarded as a symbol of the underworld or darkness, but it also stands for the power of fertility as it lays many eggs. Her armour, on the other hand, is a symbol of chastity and domesticity.

In the Caribbean and in regions of Africa the turtle stands for juggling. So medicine rattles are made from found tanks in some Indian tribes. With these the aura and the mental protective field are opened or closed. In the medicine wheel the turtle is assigned to Mother Earth, she gives patience, wisdom, experience, endurance. Who carries a turtle amulet receives protection, wisdom, internal and external solidarity and a long life.

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