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"I am the king of the seas, do you know in me your true face? I can see deep into the soul. When you hear the sound of the light, you can no longer resist the journey of true knowledge. From then on, the light of longing will guide you, home and prepare the way of enlightenment. It is your heritage, take it! It has always been in you as a seed, that's what I show you here! If it's only a matter of looking inside and not outside, then you hold the whole world in your hands.

Once you touch this experience, all your senses will sharpen. Be ready for everything, learn to strive into the new, to hold nothing back, to give yourself fully and completely. In my presence everything has room, I am the greatest creator, the greatest creative power. With my love you become one, I lead you to that place where your heart almost bursts in the acceptance of total fullness.

Because the mind regulates, divides and selects because you are afraid that the concentrated charge of being maltreats you. You don't have to be afraid, the outside world only shows you the mirror of your own name. Because outside is inside, there is no more than inside. You are everything, hear the wisdom that speaks from me to you. I teach you to understand, to see love, benevolence in everything and above all the soul of the world".

The whale is the largest and oldest living mammal and therefore does not belong to the fish. Its ancestors lived on land, which can be recognized by its skeleton, because it actually has atrophied hind legs until today. His next living relative is the river-horse. Despite the fact that he appears regularly to catch his breath, he is perfectly adapted to the sea and cannot survive on land. So he drinks salt water without effort, because his kidneys filter the salt and excrete it again. This power animal is between 10 and 30 m long and weighs up to 200 tons - the heart alone weighs about 1 ton. Up to 7000 litres of blood flow through his body and his protective fat layer (called blubber) is up to 50 cm thick. The largest of its kind is the blue whale (33 m, 200 tons), which is also the heaviest animal that has ever lived on earth. Even the heaviest Dino with approx. 75t does not come close to the mammal. Therefore the whale needs the water as habitat. Without the buoyancy the organs would burst under their own weight. It is also exciting that the brain halves of the whale rest alternately during sleep so that it does not drown. The dolphin is the most intelligent animal of the whale order. Dolphins think about themselves and thus have a consciousness.

This power animal is classified into two groups, baleen whales and toothed whales. The first feed on plankton such as the humpback whale. Toothed whales, on the other hand, eat crustaceans, squid and fish such as orcas. Among them is the largest carnivorous creature on earth, the sperm whale. In total, there are about 80 species that are represented worldwide. Especially during the mating season they communicate extensively via different frequency tones. This whale song extends over 15,000 kilometres and can be repeated by others from the group note by note, vibration by vibration. This is possible due to her very good memory. The singing ends abruptly as soon as they leave their winter quarters and begins again abruptly as soon as they have returned to their place. Unfortunately, whales are threatened by environmental pollution and the human being who is hunting them because of his flesh from extinction. Due to the harmful environmental influences, young animals often die prematurely, which minimizes the survival of this animal.

"Whales are the memory of the world and the guardians of time" such a quote from the film, the secret of whales. It is not without reason that it is referred to in many cultures as a world fish or supporting pillar of the universe. He is said to have been directly involved in the creation of the world. His body symbolizes an island and out of his mouth once sprang continents. A beautiful, charming woman is said to live inside him, she is the soul of the whale who guards the ancient knowledge, it is said. He is also always in contact with Atlantis and Lemuria and is said to have gone back into the water with them.

In many stories one tells oneself of seafarers or other travellers who are swallowed by the mighty animal, only to be liberated and spat out into their world again. Thus the biblical story of Jonas and the whale speaks of this event and shows us what power and ancient knowledge he carries within him to give people contemplation.

In the New Zealand Maori tradition, the whale has always been of great importance. In the past, works of art were made from whale bones. The traditional Maori symbol "Papahu" shows a whale fin that stands for strength, protection, trust and success.

With the Inuit, however, the whale stands for cunning and malice. In Greek mythology, whale song is said to come from the "sirens" and remind us of the unity of all being. In the Indian medicine wheel it is assigned to the West by standing for experience, old knowledge, wisdom, harmony and power. Who wears his amulet should experience spiritual development, clarity and healing.

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