Advice & powerful energetic healing session follow the healing flow of the life energy again

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Appointments in the practice in Berlin or as a remote session by phone or Skype effect is exactly identical,

that I can guarantee you after over 13 years of remote session with healing energy transfer!

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So what's shamanic counseling about?

The universal life energy wants to flow through you in a completely natural way and in authentic expression and manifest itself in your life - in the different areas of life.

If she can do this unhindered, you usually feel joy and the everyday changes and development steps can then unfold consciously and harmoniously.
Due to limiting imprints, blockades, ancestral themes, emotional wounds and traumas, beliefs, fears or other negative feelings, the life energy can often not unfold optimally into the corresponding areas of life, whereby from an energetic point of view malaise up to illness can develop.

As a spiritual-energetic healer and seer, I am in direct contact with the spiritual world and receive instructions and images from there which spiritual-energetic healing impulses are currently important. I follow this guidance around:
"To take from you what you no longer need (blockade) and to bring to you what belongs to you (soul parts & potential)"

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What my clients say

Isabel Lopez

Daniel is a really great healing companion and counsellor! I have experienced many individual sessions and seminars with him and each time I have gone home with precious insights and changes. The counselling has always been a perfect fit and helps you very well to solve the problem and bring it into healing. His sensitive and trustworthy approach to people allows you to completely open up and make real changes in life. His work is an absolute gift! Thank you Daniel


Sven Schwarz

Daniel has a calm and sensitive nature. A person who listens to everything carefully, does not judge and specifically looks at what needs to be worked on. A very good teacher who sees the strengths and helps to develop them further and work with them. He always gives you the right and direct words on the way to reach your goal. Appreciate him very much.


Petra Voss2

I have known Daniel for several years now and really appreciate his work as a shamanic healer. From the very first moment I felt that I was with him, because he always creates the healing space/frame, where I can be there with all my feelings, and I have also been able to attend several counselling sessions with him and have always experienced his loving healing and work, which he gives/does from the heart, through his empathetic nature, I have always received advice or a helping exercise or meditation. This has made me more fulfilling towards myself and have made me fill myself better and accept me more and more as I am. It delights me every time anew and I am very grateful for it.


Astrid Traum

Dear Daniel, I wanted to thank you again for the healing session. Your lovely and great nature has made it very easy for me to understand you well and to know that I am in good hands. Through your work a serious topic has dissolved and the resulting back pain is gone, permanently gone.  



A pleasant atmosphere, combined with relaxation and the feeling of being lifted up - a good mixture to confide in and to open oneself to the desire for healing. To let happen what appears in pictures and feelings and to be accompanied and guided so wonderfully empathetically and competently. You don't need to understand much about shamanism to feel that this work brings a high degree of energization and clarity and can extremely activate the self-healing powers of every human being. Incredibly touching!!


Bianca Ritter

I had a shamanic session on Skype. That was very impressive, healing, yes and just did well... I noticed the positive changes in my life afterwards, something came loose and made me freer. And thank you also for all the great impulses and free tips on your Youtube channel! Can I recommend!


Procedure and costs of a consultation
with energetic healing session


A consultation lasts 1 hour.

In Preliminary talk ca. 15-20 min. we have time to discuss the context of your topic, your blockade, your wish or your vision.

Through my clear clairvoyance, we will quickly get to the point in this part of the counselling, arrange your areas of life and relate them to each other.

Cause- and behavior-oriented approaches help us to identify a core topic or topics.

With the core topic(s) e.g. involvement with a parent, allowing a feeling, reprogramming a destructive habit – we then go to the Energetic healing session, which usually lasts between 30-40 min. .

After that we will meet for debriefing (about 10 min.) where there is still room for questions and I will give you helpful anchors and exercises so that you can consolidate in the new changed energy in the time after the consultation.

I am very happy to support you on your way into the power!

Costs: EUR 120,- (incl. VAT)

Now take your chance to save your life.
create that you always wish for and still book TODAY
an appointment for an individual consultation
with energetic healing session.

Because of the very high demand there are
it occasionally longer waiting periods of 14-21 days.
So make sure to make your appointment NOW, so that you can
you can powerfully change your life in a timely manner.

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