Do you feel that sometimes you are

If you feel a YES in at least one of these points, then you can already connect with one of those motives that called me to my path of healing and shamanism in my early 20s out of a feeling of lack of alternatives. I know all these above mentioned feelings from my own life very well!

My path

Here on these two pictures you can witness my shamanic metamorphosis – on the left with the beginning of 20, 1 year before I started my 3 year shamanic healer training in European shamanism. And on the right a current picture. I think these two pictures speak for themselves and are, so to speak, the wordless witnesses of my own healing path.The shamanic healing work has helped me to go my way clearer, emotionally more stable and happier – so that today I feel very connected with life and my environment and have found and live my life and soul task. 

Vorher Nachher
Lachenwasserfall E1566466659774

And my experiences of the last over 12 years of consulting and training show that this way can also help others to find themselves and lead a happy life.

Thank to my shamanic teachers

Thank you for your patience and kindness – Mario Preikschat (Shamanism Academy Berlin – House of Shaman)

Thank you for your naturalness and lived grounded power – 

Paul Uccusic (Foundation for Shamanic Studies)

Paul Uccusic (Foundation for Shamanic Studies)

Thanks for your love and the old knowledge you share with me – Rubi Casas (Pucallpa – Peru)

Rubi Casas (Pucallpa – Peru)

Thank you for your big heart and your attachment to the sacred plants – Leonardo (San Francisco – Peru)

Thank you for bringing indigenous knowledge into the world with love – Alberto Villoldo (The Four Winds)

Thanks to all those who have accompanied me long or short –
from you I was allowed to learn to love more unconditionally ,
I was allowed to laugh, cry, philosophize and dance with you. THANK YOU!

Thanks to life itself, all living beings living here in the form of plants,
Trees, stones, animals, rivers, natural landscapes and mountains – thank you for your love and your existence. THANK YOU!

Thank you to the invisible forces and my spiritual companions and teachers –
through you I could understand and feel much deeper. You have carried me in the times of loneliness and
encouraged me to stay on track. THANK YOU!

My vision

"It is my vision to bring together the different traditions of shamanism with those of energy, breath and body work in order to connect people with themselves and others powerfully in their hearts. It is about awakening the European shamanic roots to new life and showing everyone the way to their own potential and true greatness!

Since I was 20 years old I have been intensively engaged in shamanic healing, soul healing and energy work. With this I follow my heart, my vision and my calling! My three-year training as a spiritual-energetic healer in shamanic tradition has given me a wonderful basis for therapeutic client work and my teaching activity.

Throughout the years I have learned in various indigenous traditions and have realized that each tradition has its special weightings and strengths and that they are all connected by basic elements. I see it as my vision of the new age to bring together the indigenous traditions of North America, South America, Tibetan Bon shamanism and those of the Celts and Teutons in which I have learned, 

and a kind of basic shamanism has developed from this. I call this way, “the way of the heart and the power”, because it connects the personal power (Indian – “medicine”) with the love of the heart. I teach and live this way every day, with all its facets, gifts and challenges! My main focus is to rediscover and revive our Central European roots! So I have spent the last years of medial research of our plants, animals, forces of nature but also of spiritual forces. All this knowledge gradually accumulates in the books that I have written and am writing. In my shamanic healing work it is my concern to connect everyone with his own sources of power, his inner wisdom and his spiritual roots.

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