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Shamanism LIVE Experience, Inside & Learn

The energy healer and transformation companion
Go your way into the power and learn with the shamanic techniques to unfold your potential in all areas of life and to make the soul-emotional wounds of the past the power sources of the future!

In the Energy Healer you will learn the craft of energetic healing professionally in order to be able to apply it for yourself and for others.

This 1.5 year training leads you to the sources of your self and deep into the connection with nature and the indigenous healing methods.
Shamans Basic Course Basic Course

"trance, shamanic journey and finding the poweranimal"

Learn independently, with the help of shamanic techniques, to dissolve blockades and limiting patterns and to remember your sources of power.

In this course you will learn to find deep wisdom within yourself and to balance disbalances in life in a harmonious way.

The men's seminar

Do you want to unleash your full male power?

you know this from your own life, which you often hold back and even sabotage yourself, instead of just doing what you really want to do. Maybe you also want to have real male friendships and male adventures, but instead you usually sit alone at home in front of your computer and watch only fictitious adventures of others?/span>

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Find your essence and live your calling


How you can release your high vibrational energy in 12 weeks and release old blocks of success, relationships and happiness

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